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Chrishughe Chrishughe 15 February 2020


i need help on Tumblr

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Golfpecks256 Golfpecks256 4 April 2019


|1|2}}. Please make Fandom a better place. Please.

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NightSpeakers NightSpeakers 27 January 2019

Broken helpline links

Hi everyone. I used a broken link checker to locate some of the broken links on the site. I'll keep this blog updated with these broken links. Feel free to drop a comment for ones that I've missed/that you've fixed. These links may be broken, deleted or changed in some way.

  • 1 Broken links
    • 1.1 Eastern Asia
    • 1.2 Europe
    • 1.3 LGBTQ United Kingdom
    • 1.4 Online
    • 1.5 USA
      • 1.5.1 California
      • 1.5.2 Colorado
      • 1.5.3 Florida
      • 1.5.4 Illinois
      • 1.5.5 Indiana
      • 1.5.6 Kansas
      • 1.5.7 LGBTQ USA
      • 1.5.8 Michigan
      • 1.5.9 Minnesota
      • 1.5.10 Montana
      • 1.5.11 Ohio
      • 1.5.12 Virginia

  • こころの健康相談統一ダイヤル(内閣府) (Japanese hotline - link lands a 404 error)

  • Aware||Ireland (link to webform doesn't work)

  • Gloucester LGB (only link to website)
  • London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard (LLGS) (link to website only)
  • Suffolk LGB

  • OnYourMindChat (link to th…

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Adeste5 Adeste5 18 December 2018

A Little About Me

I don't have the words to describe my whole journey with depression and such, as it stretches back several years. I guess a lot of it comes from the fact that I survived a murder attempt on my life when I was very young. Although I have had a lot of love and support since then, it still causes me pain at think that someone wanted me to die.

I'm not as depressed as I used to be, and I no longer have suicidal thoughts, but this does continue to be a burden I have to deal with. I guess I thought it would help me to read other people's comments here and remember that I'm not the only one dealing with emotional pain.

Anyways, that's my blog for now. I don't care if anyone reads this; I just wanted to share my story here.

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Just to post this message Just to post this message 25 April 2018

No Next Time

For a while now, I've been contemplating suicide, and have been cutting nearly day. Strange as it may seem, I both hate and love the look of my bloodied arm sliced and scarred. I think it's gross at times, but at other times I love it. I don't understand myself and that's why I'm such a failure. I figure, a person who deserves to live would understand themselves, but I'm often confused and can't understand why I do the things I do!

I've been drawing away from others because I have social anxiety and I know that's not a good way to handle it but its easier and I just want friends, so, SO badly! I try to make friends but i come across as clingy and I hate this. My only friend left me a few years ago and since then I've felt like crap, but a h…

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God promises that our lives can be repaired and restored. He will do it, If we only surrender ourselves to him. We are not asked to repair ourselves, only to return to him. God does not ask for success, only for obedience. We do not need to come to him after we have fixed everything. He asks only one thing of us and that is that we return. The rest is up to him. What a relief to find that God is ready and willing to take over the life that we could not take care of and that he doesn't expect us to make it right before we come to him for help. The water has already passed under the bridge, and the damages is already done. But God says. "Return to me, and I'II repair the damage. " All we need to do is come back, willing to let him go to work…

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Cekmagdurlari Cekmagdurlari 30 December 2011

Çek Kanunu

Adalet Bakanlığı icra iflas kanununda değişiklik öngören ek yasa teklifini Başbakanlığa sundu, TBMM Adalet Komisyonu' nda bulunan ve İcra ve İflas Kanununda köklü değişiklikler öngören mevcut tasarıya eklenecek olan yeni düzenlemelere göre, vatandaşlar açısından büyük bir drama dönüşen ev eşyalarına haciz devri bitiyor. İcra memurları artık evlerden TV, koltuk, buzdolabı alamayacak. Başbakanlık tarafından T'BMM sunulacak düzenleme Adalet Komisyonunda bulunan mevcut tasarıyla beraber kısa süre içerisinde kanunlaştırılması bekleniyor.

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Jcather Jcather 30 December 2011

Had to take down your picture, sorry.

Congrats on the BLSW, yet the photo is not appropriate for this suicide prevention wiki. Help us in your work by providing suicide prevention and intervention crisis line info for your area. Your additions will be greatly appreciated.

Congrats again.

jcather 21:11, December 30, 2011 (UTC)jcather

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Jcather Jcather 30 December 2011

Rape Crisis Life in Utah deleted

I find it difficult to separate out sexual assault crisis lines from suicide prevention crisis lines, for sexual assault is often a reason for suicide. Yet, the definition of ISP directory is for suicide prevention crisis lines, not a directory that includes crisis lines also for sexual assault. Much to my chagrin, I have deleted a Rape Crisis Line from Utah added by an anonymous wiki contributor.

jcather 19:53, December 30, 2011 (UTC)jcather

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Jcather Jcather 19 October 2011

"Don't do somethink permanantly stupid for being temporarlly upset."

Angela entered on the home page from a Twitter post:"Don't do somethink permanantly stupid for being temporarlly upset." I wrote her the following about it.

Hi Angela,

I actually decided to delete your contribution "Don't do somethink permanantly stupid for being temporarlly upset," because it is a nice sentiment, yet it is a negative statement for those thinking of suicude. People who are suicidal are not "temporarily upset." They are in a great deal of overwhelming pain. And it does not feel temporary or stupid to try be rid of the pain. Talking with someone is the best way to help someone in that amount of pain. Negative sentiments do not help. Thank you for your thoughts about ISP Wiki and look forward to your future contributions.


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Jcather Jcather 4 October 2011

Post in Wiki by PoisonTears12

Hi, You left the following post yesterday on the Ohio page:

"wheni look in the mirror i see a diffrent image as evryone else many people say im ugly many say im fat. others beg to differ. but they ask me "why dont you think your pretty"? i tell them because i just dont. nobody thinks i want to die inside my fake smile must be pretty good."

My response:

"It saddens me that you feel the way you do about yourself. The real beauty is not how we look to other peope, or how others think we look. The real beauty is in you. You are beautiful. See yourself as beautiful, just the way you are. You need to talk to someone, so try one of the hotlines in your area. Or try one of the national hotlines: 800-273-TALK (8255) or 800-442-HOPE (4673) or 800-SUIC…

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Jcather Jcather 29 September 2011

LGBTQ International Resources

Breaking this separate listing into countries and regions. Listed it alphabetically in the index, just above Mexico, for the time being. May put each country's listings with each country. For now, will keep in current order.

The LGBTQ United Kingdom needs to be totally reformatted. I also took out some initial listings that where not support or hotline resources. This was originally a category; I made it a page.

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Jcather Jcather 21 September 2011

nooneseestheinvisible, agree

@nooneseestheinvisible: No one can see what is invisible. So, if we want people to see what's making us so sad and depressed and/or suicidical, we have to share it with someone. That's easier said than done. Few of the hotlines provided on this Wikik require you to give personal information; you can remain anonymous. I have to share or I become alone in my depression and want to hurt myself. But, I really don't want to hurt myself; I just want to have someone else know what is depressing me. I don't want solutions; I only want someone else to know and not judge me.

jcather 00:00, September 22, 2011 (UTC)jcather

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Jcather Jcather 1 July 2011

The more I dig, the more resources I find

I have been working on the ISP WikiI almost daily now for the past week. The more I follow links and links upon links, I find more and more resources. It is overwhelming. How much do we provide? As much as we can, day by day.

jcather 04:20, July 1, 2011 (UTC)jcather

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