To update the contents of the International Suicide Prevention Wiki, first find the geographic region for your update, and click on the edit link.

Click edit

Leaving the table headers in tact and keeping the entries in alphabetical order by Name, use the following wiki syntax for entries. Preceed and follow each line with a horizontal line (represented by a vertical line and dash in wiki). The line itself will have the Name, Region, Phone Number, and URL separated by vertical lines.

The easiest way to do this for a new line is to copy an existing line and replace the values with the values you wish to add. Keep in mind that the URL is listed inside brackets and listed twice with a space between them(once for link target and once for visible screen text). If the text continues onto another line without pressing enter, that will not affect the layout on the resulting update. Linked below is an example image.

Wiki format

Other Ways to Help OutEdit

-Add new resources or update old resources.

-Generate new ideas about how to make this directory better.

-Create links to this wiki directory and share it with friends.

-Help alphabetize this wiki directory.

-Contact the leaders or social media managers at prominent national suicide prevention organizations and ask them to link this wiki directory to their Facebook/Twitter.

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