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World Suicide Prevention Day: September 10, 2011

On September 10th 2011 in Central Manitoba Canada, we are participating in World Suicide Prevention Day. Our local Community Mental Health program (in partnership with other community groups) has initiated opportunities for information on suicide prevention and awareness to be available to our community members.

We have a number of activities planned. We are participating in “Head to the Hills” cycling event on September 10th. We will have some water bottles with our crisis number printed on them available for purchase. We are planning to have newspaper articles, and radio spots about suicide prevention training opportunities. We will have a "Wall of Hope" at both our regional hospitals, where people can post their strengths and what gives them hope and reasons to live during difficult times. We will also have display boards throughout our region to promote awareness and education around suicide prevention. Our plan is to invite our local high schools to participate and be aware of the suicide prevention initiatives in our region. And we hope to offer a SafeTalk session on September 10th in our region.

Mostly though, we want the people of our community to hear our message that they are NOT alone. We can all be vulnerable at some point in our lives. Please reach out and call a local crisis line and talk to someone if you are having thoughts of self harm or suicide - you are NOT alone.

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